I’m Too Lewd for Google…Mwahahahaha

I was toying with the idea of putting a couple of ads on my blog, and so I looked into the Google AdSense stuff (since it’s affiliated with Blogger and so is likely the easiest foray into the great unknown).

Alas, it’s not meant to be.

According to the email I got from the AdSense bot (which apparently scanned my blog for all things inappropriate), I’m not eligible for any ads because (GASP) I have “adult content” peppered throughout my pages.

I am utterly amused and tickled about my status as THAT inappropriate…particularly since I’ve also been considering adding a weekly “relationship enhancers” post to my normal random commentary. Partly to be less random on at least ONE day of the week, partly because I’ve recently resumed my role as sex therapist to friends (and acquaintences, and people I’ve never met who sit down with me at the grocery store deli over lunch), partly because another website keeps trying to get me to be a “relationship expert” in their stable of bloggers. Unfortunately, that site requires I link to my Facebook page…which is just never going to happen.

Anyway, I’d say Google AdSense just validated that option.

Excuse me while I snicker at my desk some more at the prudish company with “ogle” embedded in its name…

Could it be my labeling choices?

Perhaps it’s my Cosmic Guide for Harlots?

Husband says it’s true: I’m lewd and inappropriate for children.

I think that means I win.

8 thoughts on “I’m Too Lewd for Google…Mwahahahaha

  1. Yep, you totally win! My personal blogging motto is \”If I haven't shocked or pissed off at least one person's delicate sensibilities with my blog everyday, then I'm doing it wrong\” 😀


  2. It's probably because \”tube full of awesome\” and \”these are not the penises you are looking for\” are high up on your label listings. Put those together with the \”this isn't porn\” label, and Google was probably like, \”Oh, man…this is totally porn.\” 😉


  3. Jess for the win! I cannot believe Google Ads would outright deny you like that. I bet with some care editing (and euphemisms) you could trick them into letting you into the Advertisement club.It cannot be the Cosmic guide for Harlots. That is too funny–keep it.


  4. I LOVE that. 🙂 I'll be just as thrilled if I get to the point that I get hate mail/troll comments on my blog, I'm sure. Heehee.


  5. Yeah, I'm fairly certain that's how all the Eastern European and Middle Eastern pings happen. Snicker. I wonder if they're disappointed when the label is true and it ISN'T porn?


  6. Bah to bowing to Google Ads' prudishness! I'm cool with being ad-less and getting to be as lewd as I like. Oh yes, there's definitely a Cosmic Guide in the works…it may be in the notes-on-paper stage, but it's good to know other people find it amusing, too. Thanks!!


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