Things Ragnar Ate Episode 4: The Reeking

I hate cicada season. HATES it, Precious.Ragnar doesn't give a hoot (or a bark, or a howl, or some weird middle-of-the-night snuffle-grunt that scares the shit out of his owner) about cicadas. Ragnar cares deeply about the innards of stuffed animals. And shoes. And walls. So, lately in the list of Things Ragnar Ate: Another pair of flip… Continue reading Things Ragnar Ate Episode 4: The Reeking

Make America Educated Again

I'm not sure how to title this post, because the utter stupidity of the conversation that sparked it annoyed me so much I needed a couple of days to decide how to approach the subject.Two days ago Minnesota held Primary Elections. I was outside letting Ragnar snuffle around instead of doing the business he was… Continue reading Make America Educated Again