Still not one of the reviews I owe

So, I’m still behind. In my own defense, in the last week or so I:

  • Flew12 hours in a mask (9 in the air, the rest in airports)
  • Remembered just how close LAX is to a scene from The Walking Dead
  • Snorkeled with sea turtles
  • Discovered the joy of POG (that’s passion fruit, orange, and guava juice mixed)
  • Watched a sparrow steal a banana macadamia nut muffin out of Grandma’s hand while she was trying to eat it. She was not amused…I was wheeze-laughing.
  • Married one of my best friends and her now-husband with my toes in the sand and the wind blowing my hair into perfect Medusa style (please note, I mean “married” in the action verb version here…I did the marrying, I did not get married)
  • Swam in a waterfall pool in the middle of the jungle
  • Saw the oldest banyan tree in the oldest hotel on the island, and was awed
  • Watched surfers do their thing, and decided my inability to stand on a paddleboard means surfing lessons, just like the helicopter tour, has to wait until next time when I’m in better shape.
  • Swam in the ocean and let go of some unpleasant emotional shit I’d been hanging onto…waves are as good as wind for that, and Oahu has plenty of both.
  • Spent time in the only Royal Palace in the United States
  • Ate Dole Whip at the Dole pineapple farm (once was enough)
  • Ate a poke bowl (omg I could eat that every day for the rest of my life)
  • Had Duke’s fish at Duke’s restaurant…did not see anyone from Hawaii 5-0.
  • Did not see Magnum P.I. However, I did see the helicopter a couple times.
  • Ate poi and roast pig in the rain at a luau while Grandma and I watched a Samoan chief put on a fantastic show
  • Burned my feet on beach sand
  • Shopped way more than necessary
  • Discovered that butt-floss swimsuits are back in style (ugh, no thank you)
  • Learned the correct way to pronounce “Hawaii”
  • Started and finished 2 books (great, now I’m behind on reviews by 5)
  • Flew home, 12 hours in a mask (9 flying time), overnight
  • Stayed up 34 hours with only a short nap on the first 5 hour flight
  • Saw one of my favorite people perform in the Hastings Marching Band
  • Came back to dogs who missed me so much Minerva puked on the floor, and a cat who was pissed he hadn’t gotten to go outside in a week (she who takes care of my house while I’m gone doesn’t allow cat-wandering, understandably)
  • Spent the first of three four-hour sessions with Matt at Aloha Monkey (despite the name, not in Hawaii). I love stage 1, even though those teeth were a bitch:
Lines first, detail and shading next time. Also, I need to clean my bathroom mirror. Wow.

I’m a little tired, but I’ll get caught up eventually.

2 thoughts on “Still not one of the reviews I owe

  1. Sounds like a wonderful, event-filled trip with a ton of memories. That’s a fantastic tattoo – I’d like to cross stich that pattern!


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