How I Discovered Minerva’s Full Name

Ron (a twin in the horde) made this today and sent it to me. Getting the twins cell phones for their birthday appears to have unintended benefits. Or consequences. Both, really.

I present “For Fucks Sake Minerva” aka Minerva, aka FFS Minerva.

Um, it’s possible I use that phrase too often or don’t even realize I’m saying it.

Since Minerva is the Roman goddess of war and wisdom, I feel it’s important to point out FFS Minerva is goddess of barking at random noises and leaves, peeing on carpets, and shedding fine white hair in both fluffy tufts and constant airborne velcro-like strands. FFS Minerva is, by virtue of her prodigious ability to send her spy-hair everywhere, quite well traveled. I assume there are nanos in there and she’s expanding her network exponentially, but I haven’t unlocked the ability to download her spy information yet. It likely has something to do with rubbing her belly, which is her default position setting.

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