Things I Shouldn’t Share

I ran this blog on another platform for a while, haphazardly posting a variety of too-personal, professional, pagan, and random-shit-I’m-thinking-about posts. Honestly, that’s still happening over here: if you’re looking for predictable this is not the place. I decided to combine the “personal” and “professional” blogs into a single site because 1) I’m lazy, and 2) I’ve never been good at compartmentalizing.

NPP, then, is both a random crap sort of blog as well as an author site, because eventually I’ll have pages in here for the books I publish.

Welcome to my weird. Stick around, have some whiskey or tea (or both). Sorry about the pet hair. (No, I’m not.)

Utterly Unrelated Trivia Bits:

  • I am old enough to remember how to use a rotary phone and that # didn’t always mean “hasthtag whatever”.
  • I never swear. Unless I’m speaking. Or writing.
  • Manners are fucking important.
  • I unapologetically LOVE Syfy channel’s bad creature movies. I adore ghostly/exorcist/creature horror as long as eyeballs remain in place. Sharknado is quality television, people.
  • I’ve been a Middle Eastern dancer (yes, I mean belly dance) for…well holy shit almost 20 years, and occasionally I still teach beginners.
  • My house is covered in books: they’re like bunnies in here, reproducing faster than I can read and leaving piles on every flat surface.
  • My oncologist says I’m supposed to walk or run more, so I’m planning on making a real attempt to learn to run. And by “run” I mean walking (and dry heaving) in fancy new running shoes between attempts at 60 seconds of a peculiar bouncing walk that could be jogging, if it were faster than actually walking. Fuck. Ok, I’m walking.
  • Grace is not part of my daily life…tripping on nothing and mystery shin bruises from shelf/desk/rock attacks are my norm. I sprained my ankle walking on a flat asphalt path.
  • I’m a breast cancer survivor. I occasionally blog about that and won’t apologize for giving a truthful account of the shit involved in the cancer experience.
  • My house hidden in the woods is ruled by:
    • The Horde (partner SK and four excellent bonus goblins in varying stages of teenager-ship)
    • an mighty hunter, fAngus, who thinks he’s a dog but is actually a homicidal maniac in a cat’s body and has recently embraced the household’s motto “pants are bullshit”.
    • an 80# (#hashtag #pound sign) dog, Ragnar, who agrees with fAngus that the cat rules the house
    • an an exponentially expanding Great Pyrenees puppy, Minerva, who thinks she’s Queen of the world. fAngus disagrees. This is a daily argument.
    • Ultimately, I’m just the servant here.
  • I am a proud aunt of a niece and four nephews: Han, Evil, Rocket, and Groot. They pop up here and there in my posts. Han is the one with the unfortunate squeeze-pack incident. Life is messy.
  • I’m a terrible liar. Seems weird since I like writing fiction, right?
  • Travel teaches us how alike humans are no matter where we come from. I haven’t been to all the states in the US yet. Internationally I’ve seen:
    • Canada (I live in Minnesota, USA eh…it’s just a quick trip up to the border)
    • Ireland (all over, more than once, and please adopt me so I can live there)
    • Scotland (or here! I’d live here!!)
    • Wales (drove through more than once, haven’t had the pleasure of staying in a town yet)
    • England (definitely not enough: haven’t been to Bath yet!)
      • Liverpool (doesn’t count because it was a quick stop on a tour to see the Beatles museum)
      • Nottingham (doesn’t count because I was only there to have a fling with the tour bus driver)
      • London (doesn’t count, because it was only to get on the tour bus…obviously I need a not-stopover trip to England)
    • Norway (tried not to smile at anyone since it would reveal to stoic Norwegians that I’m a corrupted American, regardless of my heritage. Failed.)
      • Oslo
      • Bergen
      • Hoth (ok, I rode the train from Oslo to Bergen which passed through the town on on the glacier where George Lucas filmed Hoth for The Empire Strikes Back. If that makes no sense to you, you might not like my other Star Wars/LOTR/Sandman references.)
    • Iceland (also doesn’t count, but only because I never left the airport, not because I had any flings. Unfortunate, and may still be remedied on a future trip.)
    • Mexico (enough to know basic niceties in Spanish)
      • Cancun
      • Puerto Vallerta
      • Playa del Carmen
    • Bermuda (once, for work, but it’s a lovely island)
      • All over: Bermuda is all of 2 miles wide and 11 miles long: easy to see it all in one trip.
    • Trinidad and Tobago (Doubles are fabulous and the people are so kind)

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