Things I Shouldn’t Share

I ran this blog on another platform for a while, haphazardly posting a variety of too-personal, professional, pagan, and random-shit-I’m-thinking-about posts. Honestly, that’s still happening over here: if you’re looking for predictable this is not the place. I decided to combine the “personal” and “professional” blogs into a single site this spring for a couple of very important reasons: 1) I’m lazy, and 2) I’ve never been good at compartmentalizing.

NPP, then, is both a random crap sort of blog as well as an author site, because eventually I’ll have pages in here for the books I plan to publish.

Welcome to my weird. Stick around, have some whiskey or tea (or both). Sorry about the pet hair. (No, I’m not.)

Utterly Unrelated Trivia Bits:

  • I am old enough to remember how to use a rotary phone and that # didn’t always mean “hasthtag whatever”.
  • I never swear. Unless I’m speaking. Or writing.
  • Manners are fucking important.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Syfy channel’s bad creature movies. I adore ghostly/exorcist/creature horror (as long as eyeballs remain in place). Sharknado is quality television, people.
  • I’ve been a Middle Eastern dancer (yes, I mean belly dance) for…well holy shit almost 20 years, and sometimes I still teach beginners. I am NOT a professional Middle Eastern dancer: I just love it. But I can point you toward some amazingly talented pros. Since I’m a jeans-and-t-shirts, no makeup person in real life, this is my outlet for sparkles, glitter, and fun makeup. No, you won’t find any video of me performing.
  • I think I would die without books. My house is covered in books: they’re like bunnies in here, reproducing faster than I can read and leaving piles on every flat surface.
  • My oncologist says I’m supposed to walk or run more, so I’m planning on making a real attempt to learn to run. And by “run” I mean walking (and dry heaving) in fancy new running shoes between attempts at 60 seconds of a peculiar bouncing walk that could be jogging, if it were faster than actually walking. Fuck. Ok, I’m walking.
  • Grace is not part of my daily life…tripping on nothing and mystery shin bruises from shelf/desk/rock attacks are my norm. I sprained my ankle walking on a flat asphalt path.
  • I believe in ghosts. I believe there are creatures in this world (and in other worlds/dimensions/planes) that we haven’t seen/discovered yet. I’m not ashamed of this: believing there’s something more than meets the eye is the sign of an open mind.
  • My witch’s cottage house is ruled by an ankle biting cat, fAngus, who thinks he’s a dog, and an 80# (#hashtag #pound sign) dog, Ragnar, who agrees the cat rules the house. I’m just the servant who feeds and cleans up after them.
  • I am a proud aunt of a niece and four nephews: Han, Evil, Rocket, and Groot. They pop up here and there in my posts. Han is the one with the unfortunate squeeze-pack incident. Life is messy.
  • I’m a terrible liar. Seems weird since I like writing fiction, right?
  • I’ve been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Nottingham (doesn’t count because I was only there to have a fling with the tour bus driver), London (doesn’t count, because it was only to get on the tour bus), Norway, Iceland (also doesn’t count, but only because I never left the airport. not because I had any flings, sadly), Mexico, Trinidad, and all over the US. My current travel plans are stymied by the ‘Rona.

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