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Countdown: 16

Well, if I'm being completely fair, 16.5 since it's just about lunchtime. Also, weekends and holidays don't count, so 16.5 business days if we're being sticklers for accuracy. Today I told my team so it's official: March 10th will be my last day as the ScrumMaster (ScrumMistress? ScrumMa'am? ScrumPerson?) for the process automation team at… Continue reading Countdown: 16


Review: Such Pretty Flowers by K. L. Cerra

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Such Pretty Flowers is a mystery with Mexican Gothic vibes set in a fancy townhouse in Savannah, Georgia. Holly is a floundering twentysomething woman in Savannah at a crossroads in a pretty directionless life. Her roommates are newly engaged and… Continue reading Review: Such Pretty Flowers by K. L. Cerra

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Review: Athena’s Child by Hannah Lynn

First, I read this book in a day and put off my own writing to finish it. Athena's Child is Hannah Lynn's retelling of the Medusa myth from (mostly) Medusa's point of view. Medusa is a beautiful and completely mortal girl whose parents differ on what's best for her fourteen year old self. Her mother… Continue reading Review: Athena’s Child by Hannah Lynn