WIP: Work in Progress (otherwise known as writing insanity project, whiskey intake process, or whining in prose), a shorthand acronym writers use to identify the story/stories currently occupying the spaces in their brain where remembering to grocery shop or finish laundry are supposed to live.

This is supposed to be an author’s website, so it seems worth posting what’s coming next, besides the book review list.

Fiction: “Banshee” A reluctant witch and a cursed professor are hunted by an ancient evil on the shores of Lake Superior. I’m currently 45k words into this one, with a fully annotated outline. Of course I’ve already deviated from said outline, because I tend to write in a hybrid planner/pantser mix. Currently, said witch is pretty damn angry with said professor for bringing said curse to Duluth and disrupting her life.

Non-Fiction: Walking a Liminal Path: A Pagan’s Guide Through Breast Cancer. When I went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone treatment for breast cancer, I looked for books to help. There are thousands of books available for women on a breast cancer journey, but none from a Pagan perspective, so I decided I’d write one. I’m currently editing the finished book, and after feedback from a few publishers I’ve decided to self-pub this one. It will be out in early 2024.

My WIP list is not the same as my backlog (which will someday be my backlist: books I’ve published, vs books in my head). The backlog is six books long at the moment, three with preliminary outlines, one with a full annotated plan. That one should be next after the Banshee novel is finished.

As if that isn’t enough, there are currently at least three horror short stories lurking who occasionally poke their snouts from dark crannies in my brainpan.

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