Still alive!

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks. My company’s gettin gbought out by a MUCH larger company…which could be really good or really bad. My job isn’t really in danger, but the culture could change significantly, which would be upsetting to say the least. Especially if the changes don’t come with a big ‘ol raise and/or bonus. I won’t know anything until November at the earliest. Argh.

One more weekend that I’m working Fest. Only two weeks left of fest at all, which is crazy. This season’s been really weird anyway, working every other week and hubby being unemployed out there…we haven’t spent mny whole days out. Crazy. And nice…it was 50 and raining all weekend last week and we only had to be there for about a 1/2 hour on Sunday.

Bellydance started again last week, which is awesome. I missed it and never realize how much until I’m there again after a long absence. I had a request from a new friend to teach level 1 BD to her. Weird! But I suppose I’ve been going now for 4+ years…which is a weird thought in itself…so I shouldn’t have too much trouble teaching the basics.

And it’s Beavis’ bday today…we’re off to her bday dinner!

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