The Boys

My house is all about DOG right now, which I’m sure is monumentally boring to most people, but when those are the only kids we have they provide the most consistent trials and entertainment for us during the week.

I came home last night to find a bag of garbage ripped open and spread all over the floor from the front door to the living room. Both delinquents hid under the table (well, Thor hid under the table…Chewy’s too big to do that so he just lay on the floor by Thor) looking pathetically up at me in a “but I didn’t do it!!” way. I told them both they’d make lovely rugs, as I do often these days when they piss me off. But Chewy’s 2 and a pretty untrained 2, so he’s in the evil teenage stage anyway, so eventually patience wins out and they survive.

This morning, in a complete 180 of bad behavior, they actually played together instead of arguing over breakfast. The 150lb dog, who moves like a lumbering bear and has absolutely NO coordination or grace, thought it woudl be a great idea to jump on one couch, bite Thor a few times, then jump off and run/jump to the other couch.

Only the jumping doesn’t quite work for him…and instead of jumping ON the furniture he’d catch his front paws and faceplant into the cushions. At which point Thor jumped (nimbly, for he IS pretty graceful and light on his feet) next to him and bit his ear. Then they’d run to the other side of the living room and repeat.

It was a most excellently entertaining way to start my day.

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