Killer Commute

Yet again, I’ve taken the first job offered to me out of a sense of “I must work NOW” to get off of unemployment and have that sense of security offered by a steady job. It’s a good thing: the company I now work for gives me a HUGE learning opportunity and a way to break into a new side of insurance/medical/reinsurance/software stuff, but I wasn’t ready yet.

New job means new routine, which is throwing me off my game quite a bit. It’s been a month and I’ve managed to start a new workout/diet routine, a new learning/commuting/working routine…and in that my writing, dogs, and bellydance have all fallen by the wayside. I started teaching last week and I was fairly lost the entire 2 hours (thank GOD my students didn’t really notice). Sigh.

I have big plans of getting up at 6am every M-F to write for an hour before I get ready for work, but the new job is sucking me dry of all energy and I haven’t gotten my determination drive rebooted yet. Today is a total wash: the cold that sent me home with a brick behind my eyes is leaving me exhausted and sore…all I want to do is lie in bed. But technically I’m working here, because I have a laptop at home with me and access to multiple programs I’m supposed to be working on or learning about.

That was poor grammar. I’m not sorry: I said I have a cold. I’m decidedly not 100%.

The bright side of all this (other than the funds) is 1) I made a new friend at work who I’m convinced is the reason I have the job. Not the reason I GOT the job, but I believe everything happens for a reason and everywhere you go is a place you’re supposed to be for something: she’s my something in the same way my two greatest friends from Wyde were the main reason I worked there. 2) the long commute on the train every day does give me time to daydream, and I have the general outline/idea working out in my head about the next series I’m going to start. When I finish the Banshee series. Which I’m a whopping 20k words into. Sigh. Bringing this whole whiny session back to the fact that I’ve started my new job routine and got the workout thing going again, so it’s now time to get the writing thing back on track. Starting tomorrow…when I’m hopefully less snotty and more human.

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