Just a little NICE to pass around. Go ahead and call me Pollyanna. Unless you’re not old enough to know who I’m talking about…Sigh.

While not-working this afternoon (it’s slow here this week) I found THIS act of sneaky goodness via the Huffington Post. Never let it be said, I guess, that the HuffPo only reports crap news.

I adore random acts of generosity. Both my husband and I enjoy the anonymity of giving that way: it’s not about getting thanks or about having a certain reputation or about making ourselves feel better: it’s about giving something back and, corny as it sounds, putting a little positivity out there. We’ve been what I consider broke (not enough money for the gas to get to work, paycheck still two weeks away, and nothing left on the credit cards) more than once in our decade together. My husband lived in his car at one time in his life (therefore his definition of broke is different than mine, and as such he’s often able to give me valuable perspective on the relativity of wealth). We were unbelievably lucky: through friends or family we had enough of a safety net to get through everything and come out on the other side mostly unscathed, still in possession of our home and things, and perhaps a bit in debt.

Not everyone is so lucky. Not everyone has a network of help. Not everyone gets second chances when they make mistakes that fuck up their lives.

I figure if we pick up another person’s tab at Perkins without them knowing we did it, maybe that made their day. Maybe it pissed them off (although I’ll tell you, someone picked up OUR check at a restaurant once out of random kindness, and it didn’t occur to me to think we looked like we couldn’t afford dinner: I just thought what a nice thing to do, that totally made my day!). Maybe they’ll pass on the little bit of nice to the next person THEY see.

I love that these 9Nanas were able to keep such a major secret for so long: what a fun and rewarding way to spend their time. What’s better than giving someone else a little bit of happiness in this life, especially when they’re down?

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