Monday monday…

I got SQUAT done last weekend, but I did run my butt off taking care of my sick husband, who spent the entire weekend migrating from the bed to the couch to sleep, whispering how much his throat hurt, and generally feeling miserable. Turns out he has strep, which thankfully will be knocked out by Friday…and even more thankfully I have a doc who is compassionate enough to prescribe antibiotics for ME as a precautionary measure, in case I get it also. Ugh. Last year I had an ear infection on our vacation…I do NOT want strep throat this year, dammit!

So it’s Monday and I stayed home from work in case I had the disease (becuase it’s terribly contagious until you get 24 hours of antibiotics in you) and the earliest appointment I could get was 11:30am. That means instead of being stuck in hours and hours of traffic hell this afternoon, I got to spend it watching the pretty snow fluff accumulate on my back patio, over the frozen dog poop in my back yard (from Thor AND his pint-sized girlfriend next door who insists on pooping on our side of the fence).

And now, -30 windchills for the rest of the week. Seriously. Saturday can’t come fast enough.

2 thoughts on “Monday monday…

  1. Started following you blog recently, and your latest post made me start reading some of these old ones. I had to comment, because I just CAN'T imagine dealing with the weather you have. Unfortunately, I get the impression that your still there. Ugh! As Winter is fast approaching, I hope you find lots of vacation time to head South. If you do, there no place prettier than where I live: Tybee Island, Ga. Check it out some time! And, stay warm!


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