9 days

Until Florida, THANK GOD. Between the holidays and job hunting for something in the Portland area, even my days off aren’t really days off, and I could really use a real vacation. I think hubby could too.

And tonight is our 3rd “Rome” date in a row…8pm, lying in bed cuddled up to my favorite person in the world to watch a DVD from the first season of Rome is a most excellent way to spend my evenings.

The dog is giving me some trouble this week: his ears will NOT clear up no matter how often I clean them with the crap the vet gave me, in fact, he keeps scratching an open sore in one. DAMMIT! I’m going to have to take him in if the sore doesn’t heal up by the end of the week. Neosporin isn’t helping, and it actually showed up just before he was done with the antibiotics. Argh. Maybe the foot wipes I was using for the infection between his toes will do the trick on his ear…

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