Worked from home this afternoon: got some laundry done and such along with a few calls to LA (for work purposes, not calling the parental units).

Spent some time being an ear for a friend, for whom I feel terrible right now. How long DOES one stay in a bad marriage before it’s ok to say “I’ve done all I possibly can and I just can’t do it anymore”? That’s a state I hope I never get to, emotionally or otherwise. I can’t imagine just how terrible it would feel to NOT be able to be yourself in your own home, with your family. Exhausting, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Exhausting and sad.

And on top of all that, we had to escalate the Association situation to a lawyer…and as of today it will be escalated to the county attorney. So it’s possible that money will never see our reserve account again. Damn dammit. Tonight (as secretary) I get to take a letter written by the president to Kinkos, make copies (Jess…makin’ Co-pies…) and send them out or walk them around to all the homeowners.

And our niece and nephews are coming over for dinner. argh. There will be no NaNo tonight, which irks me.

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