Kiss Army!

Ok, I’m not actually a card-carrying memeber (yes, they DO sell cards so you can BE a card-carrying member) of the Kiss army. However, we had a fantabulous time at the concert last night. Rock on (and my ears are still ringing a little bit) Kiss and Buckcherry!

It was an eventful day all around: had a tiff with the hubby, had bellydance class, board stuff, cleaning up the backyard for snow (and the lawn clean-up crew, who I’m sure would appreciate my efforts if they knew how much dog poop was under those leaves), dog park extravaganza which culminated in burdock in a certain idiot’s big white tail, which resulted in Dave cutting most of the hair off said tail, and was immediately followed by a dog BATH extravaganza.

Good lord! And after the ear-blowing most excellent concert, we went to the Safety Services (Ren Fest) party at Martha’s house. In a historic event, I was actually nowhere near ready to go home at 2:30am when Dave was wearing out. That’s the first time EVER that he’s been tired and ready to leave before me at a social event. I’m still a little shocked, actually.

And the boys are still worn out after yesterday’s activities: they’ve been sleeping all day. Lazy bones!

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