It’s Horse Expo weekend. It’s also the weekend my parents are making the final move to Los Angeles and the weekend Nic and I are in the Guild of Oriental Dance annual show. Yeah. I’m not really ready for any of the above, to be honest.

Bellydance was not my usual positive-body-image class last night, for some reason. Maybe it’s becuase I had a bad day anyway…one of those shitty days where every stupid, inane thing goes wrong for absolutely no reason. So I probably had a bad attitude going in, but watching myself in the mirror while attempting to dance was just a sad sad sight. Oh well…they can’t all be good shimmy days. Seriously, some moves I KNOW I can do just would not work properly. And then we rehearsed choreography for Sunday’s performance. I haven’t performed for over 2 years, so I’m already nervous as hell, and we have a couple of excellent dancers in our class. I’m not one of them…I’m sort of hoping nobody pays attention to me in the back row with those two (my sister is one of ’em) in the front.

Took the day off today to hang out with my hubby, who starts the awesome new job on Monday that will 1) keep him happy with mechanical doings, 2) pays enough to allow us not only to catch up on stuff but maybe to actually get ahead and 3) has normal hours/days off/holidays. Yay! So we’re celebrating on this rainy, cold day by sleeping in (as much as Thor allows), going to starbucks, and heading for the Horse Expo for the day.

Rawr. I’m random today. My house needs a good cleaning (and the garbage needs to GO AWAY). We saw The Forbidden Kingdom last weekend…I’ll probably stick a review up here on that one later. The short version: it was fun!

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