The Catholic Pope is an Idiot.

Yup. The current Pope is a backwards, bigoted, sexist, corrupt idiot. Let me elaborate.

The Pope, in yet another demonstration of his disconnect with people, has essentially said, publicly, that sex can be like a drug without the “consequences” of preganany. Then to top iot off he said that if your spouse doesn’t fear pregnancy his desire for sex can be so overwhelming that he’ll force himself on you.

Yes, the leader of the Christian population actually said in a live speech that BIRTH CONTROL CAN CAUSE YOUR HUSBAND TO RAPE YOU.

What a charming attempt to throw us back to pre-feminist thinking where all women need to be covered from head to toe because just the sight of a female could cause men to lose their minds and become raping criminals. Sound familar? Perhaps the Pope thinks his flock should wear Burqas?

And he wonders why people are leaving the Catholic church in droves. How can you preach to people about morality if you have none? How can you attempt empathy, counseling, understanding when you’ve never had a life? The man was a Nazi-youth, and then in the seminary. Has he even HAD a meaningful relationship with another person, male or female, in his pathetic life? Or has it always been about self-righteous power mongering?

I told two silly teenage Mormon missionary boys the other day (after being accosted by them in a local park while walking my dog) that I can’t find spiritual fulfillment through a religion that so devalues women, intellegence, learning, and personal responsibility. Christianity may have valued all those tenents when it was created, but the Church has corrupted the Christian faith beyond all hope. And the Pope doesn’t seem to see that everything he does is only pushing people further away. I for one can’t say that’s a bad thing.

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