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It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had quite the crapola week. No counselor appointment this week, which really sucks because there are some things going on I’d like to talk to her about, so I burned holes in my keyboard doing the “brain dump” writing exercise for, oh, about six hours total over the week. My hands hurt, and very little of the writing could be used for anything else, it’s just a download of all the ridiculous, hurting, mental thoughts bouncing around in my head lately.

Today I took Thor to the vet because his ears have been ISHY for a few days. Yeah. Found out #1: his ears are fine, they’re just waxy and that wasn’t even enough to bring him in. #2: his foot, which I knew he’d been licking like mad but didnt’ see anything terrible in there, is majorly infected and I was chastised by the vet for waiting so long to bring him in. Geez. The guy is sort of a jerk anyway: great with animals, sucky with people. I could see he was trying to be as nice as possible when telling me not to wait if it happens again, but I definitely got the gist of the underlying “are you stupid” attitude. And now my poor pup will be a pill popping crazy dog: benadryl 3x/day (for the allergies in his feet that apparently cause the licking in the first place), anti-biotics 2x/day (for the infection), anti-biotic foot wipes (same) AND fancy pants ear wash for the ishyness problem. And then the bill, which was probably cheaper than my old vet but still hurt. Great.

Oh, and now I’m getting the “How COULD you mom?” look. So Dave’s picking up a cheeseburger for him at BK on the way home. Because we’re suckers.

But on the bright side I got to work from home most of this afternoon, and contrary to any snarky comments, I actually DID work from home. If I have spreadsheets and such to work on it’s actually easier for me to be at home: I can focus without all the phone calls, peeps wanting to chat/vent, and random extra emails from coworkers.

And the extra 2 loads of laundry I was able to do from the time I got home from the vet and the time I logged off the work website? Bonus…sad, but true. That’s 2 loads I don’t have to do this weekend baby!!

One thought on “Stuff in General

  1. Sorry to hear about the pet bill and general nonsense. I\’m still dealing with the whole shock with work myself. Hanf in there.


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