The high today was 4 degrees above zero. 4. whopping. degrees. We were below zero until about 3pm. The temp came up as the snow fell, which was pretty and disgusting at the same time. I left work at 6, hoping if I waited the traffic would let up a little.

It didn’t. After a couple of quick stops I finally made it home at 8:45pm. God I hate this city. I loathe idiot drivers who only get worse when it’s raining or snowing. I hate that my house is cold no matter how high we turn up the heat and how much plastic goes on the windows, simply because the windchill is -40. I hate that my poor dog, who normally loves snow and winter, runs outside to go potty and can’t even finish before his feet start to burn with the cold (evidenced by the astounding three legged dance he manages to do while doing his business…I keep waiting for him to tip over).

Anyway, enough with the ranting. I have three, count ’em THREE, days left until my Christmas vacation. Woohoo!

Haven’t heard back from the dream Portland job yet, but I’m holding out hope since I submitted my resume over Thanksgiving weekend and the holidays are often sort of crazy for an HR department. It’s still posted as open on their website, so I’m not giving up yet. I’m determined to get the hell out of this state before next winter. My husband is all about that…if one of us got a job today he’d be ready to pack up and move (regardless of the practicalities of driving a moving truck over the rockies in winter).

I’ve been working on getting my office re-set-up the way I want it so I can shut my door and get some serious writing done, but between readying the house for Christmas stuff and work I’ve been too damn tired to get my brain in gear in the evening. Maybe it’s time to try that 6am writing habit…then again, I’m off all next week. SO glad I saved up enough vacation to do that again this year…I so need it.

And a month later, Florida with hubby and Erin. Having fun to look forward to is all that’s gotten me through the past week or so. That and the idea that it’s almost over. Ugh. Year end in the insurance business is stressful as hell.

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