I’ve been on the board in my homeowner’s association for almost three years now. During that time I’ve gotten to know quite a few of my neighbors, if not by name at least by sight. Tonight’s board meeting completely blew me away with the level of creepiness.

We have a particular homeowner who is consistently late with his dues. Upon collection notices, he often emails the board or the management company and threatens legal action while using a supposed disability as an excuse why he’s behind. Thereafter, he generally pays in full and the cycle starts over again.

The guy lives across the driveway from me. I mean, DIRECLY across the driveway from me. We’ve met and spoken a few times and I always got a “Warning! Warning!” feeling from him, but figured as long as he stays on his own side of the space it’s all good. My husband is just annoyed by him altogether.

Our townhomes are set up so that the master bedrooms face the driveway. Today at the board meeting I discovered teh man is a total peeping tom. As in, he has binoculars and cameras going at all times. Neighbors caught him pointing a camera from his front door into my next-door neighbor’s window. They told her about it immediatley, and I”ve never seen her window unshaded since. And all I can think is that I need to increase the level of curtainage we have in OUR bedroom, because now I could paint the fucking things black and still be weirded out.

So this asshole who apparently runs a really bad porn site, claims to be neurologically disabled which excuses him from his responsibilities, is home ALL the time. And watching everyone he can see with his telephoto lens, or whatever he has in his room.

FUCKING EWW! A couple of people told me they’ve caught him peeking in their back windows. He’s never done it to us, but I suspect that’s becuase we have a very large, very loud, and very scary-looking dog who pays close attention to people in HIS backyard.

I wonder what the laws are here, becuase if I ever actually catch him peeping I’ll be calling the cops. And maybe punching him in the face.

4 thoughts on “Peeping!

  1. omfg!!! Oddly comforting to know that Thor can provide that wall of intimidation (not that your husband or yourself don\’t already convey that). I\’d be totally eeewd out too! Guess thats why I could never live in those style of homes and rather prefer our setup. OH btw you still need to come over and see (granted it will be for a short bit considering the cat).All I can say: Pin a thick blanket over the window and then put curtains on it.


  2. Clearly you\’ve never had a stalker or peeper in your neighborhood. The cops can\’t do ANYTHING unless they catch him in the act. Do you really think they\’ll stake out his house on a peeping charge? Um, no. What they\’ll do is start a file (if you catch him and immediately call the police, which apparently none of my neighbors have done) and go give him a stern talking to, if we\’re lucky. Until he does something violent it\’s a low-priority item.


  3. No, you\’re right. I\’ve never had a stalker or a peeper in my neighbourhood. However, \”starting a file\” would probably be better than doing nothing. Especially if you believe that he may become violent.


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