Thus Ends 2008

The ‘rents, tired of the cold after acclimating themselves to Los Angeles heat (and out of vacation time) are heading back to CA tomorrow. My vacation (haha, vacation, haha) is over and I’m back at work. The presents are opened, the tree is just waiting, awkward in the post Christmas blues, to be put away. Winter decided today to remind us why we want to move away.

However, Solstice has come and gone, so there’ s a part of me that just looks forward to the extra few minutes of light every day. Florida is only three weeks away, and I found four other jobs in Oregon to apply for last week. Things are definitely good now that holiday stress is over, but I’m still sad to see my parents go so damn far away afterward. I know most people think I’m weird for it, but my family’s close. I like it.

I have a four day weekend coming up (starting tomorrow at 3pm WOOHOO): my plan is to hide in my house and watch both seasons of Rome (the best HBO series EVER), newly acquired from the present extravaganza last week. Hey, some girls have Mamma Mia, some girls have Sex And The City…I have (relatively) historically accurate TV. Plus Ray Stevensen and Kevin McKidd in very little clothing. I’m a geek, but I’m still a girl.

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