Ode to the Liberry

That’s right, LIBERRY. Yes, I majored in English and I still say Liberry (as learned from my high-school creative writing teacher). Deal. I love my liberry…because I spend FAR LESS money there than a bookstore. Although there are some genres of book just not carried by public entities: time for a DBC (Dirty Book Club) meeting with the girls to exchange books, I think.

’tis on my mind because I have books due tomorrow…books I normally would’ve whipped through and returned within a week, if my life wasn’t so mental at the moment. Teaching 2 bellydance classes, cleaning up after minor remodeling of our kitchen cabinets, and an ailing dog have sucked up 90% of my time.

WHY do I have burning urge to write when I’m so fricken busy it’s hard to carve out 15 minutes to sit down? Two book ideas are clobbering each other daily in my brainpan, vying for supremacy, and I’ve had too much crap going on to give either the proper attention. So perhaps I should be working on one of them, instead of dumping random thoughts here today.

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