My mother’s side of the family is full of strong women, starting at the top my grandmother, the matriarch. Grandma, mom, all my aunts, even my cousins are all strong females…sometimes to the point I feel sorry for any weak-willed man who falls in love with one of us, because he wouldn’t stand a chance.

So the wedding I saw last weekend of my cousin to the mother of his child was really one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen. The first clue was the bride’s mother doing the reading…passages from JOHN, of all the apostles the most woman-hating, about obedience.

The pastor’s homily was even more offensive than the time a pastor went off on his views of gay marriage during a wedding: this pastor emphasized for a good twenty minutes how it’s the wife’s job to keep looking THE WAY SHE DOES NOW, SUBMIT TO HER HUSBAND, etc etc etc. And what does the man have to do? Be patient with her and love her and take care of her no matter what. REALLY?? Be patient? The whole ceremony set them up as master/subordinate, not equal husband and wife.

If the asshole pastor could’ve seen into the groom’s side of the audience, I think he may have turned green and run for his life. All the women in his family were livid and horrified. I just really hope all that crap was said because it’s her family’s church and they wanted to make her parents happy.

So to counteract the ill feeling I had all weekend after that, I’m watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Submit this.

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