The Art of Being Neighborly

Where is the line between keeping your community a nice place to live and invading the privacy of those who live there? The X-Files had a great episode where people in a wealthy neighborhood with an association were killed by the association president’s pet monster if they didn’t comply with the rules.

I’m on the board for my HOA, and sometimes I swear I’m the only one who has our collective privacy in mind during these meetings. No, I DON’T think you have the right to tell a homeowner he/she can’t work on his car is his own garage. No, I DON’T think you have the right to try to force a homeowner to kick out renters just because you don’t like them here. No, I DON’T think you should start fining homeowners for all those little, nosy things you pay attention to because you have nothing better to do. God, I seriously want to tell a few board members to get a life, because they’re not only terribly annoying; they’re really pathetic.

Does my desire for them to stay the hell out of my life (and in turn I’ll stay out of theirs) make me a bad HOA member and board member? Maybe. But the whole reason I got on the board in the first place was to try to keep them the hell out of my business.


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