I Scared the Legoland Clerks: Just Call me Darth Creepiness

I should not be allowed out in public.
The other day I got to hold heads in the palm of my hand.

Joffrey Baratheon would wet his pants!

Clearly this is not a power I should possess…because after my initial snicker my first thought was “I need a bunch of these to put on toothpick spikes to warn off bugs in my office!”
And so I told the poor teenage boy at Legoland WHY I only wanted heads (Legoland has a neat bunch of bins of parts so you can build your own people…IT’S MADE FROM PEOPLE!).
And then I told him I wanted a Star Wars set so I could put a head on the end of Yoda’s lightsaber (that is NOT a dirty euphemism, you sickos). Legoland dude looked…disturbed.
Yup, you read that right: I weirded out a teenage boy with my darkness. MWAHAHAHAHA.
In the end, Husband put together a FABULOUS Sarlacc Pit Lego Set for me so I now have my OWN Sharklacc, AND the ONE awesome dude at the Legoland cash register thought my idea was cool as hell…so he gave me 3 heads for free.
Indeed, I got 3-for-free head.  
Why? Because apparently he throws away more heads in a day than that, so he didn’t care if I got a couple to stick on spikes at home. I had to pick the right faces, though (obviously a grinning pirate head would look entirely NOT gruesome enough).

And thus, the end result (thanks to Husband who built my Sarlacc Pit scene for me!):

Threaten a Jedi on the edge AT YOUR PERIL.

SARLACC Snacks! Dude on the tentacle looks pained, and it makes me giggle.

Yes, those of you with eagle eyes (Superbetsy, I’m looking at you), there IS a set from Episode III mixed with my Episode VI Sarlacc Pit, because we only have so much open space on the kitchen table and Husband wanted the Lava fight scene.

I ran out of heads, so those will have to have lego-heads-on-pikes/lightsabers/guns/toothpicks another day.

Dear Lego: I love you. Please don’t hate me for doing bad spikey things with the mini-heads…they fit SO WELL on Lightsabers!

7 thoughts on “I Scared the Legoland Clerks: Just Call me Darth Creepiness

  1. The couple that plays together, stays together. This is awesome. And any cashier that works at Legoland should buck up — it's not like you said you were building a torture chamber our of Lego heads.Fun one 🙂


  2. I have that same sarlacc pit at my desk at work, just minus the heads, though I do also have a bunch of clone troopers here at the work I can take the heads from…..


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