I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.

My yahoo email address isn’t particularly masculine, so I’m mildly amused and somewhat disturbed that I received the following emails in my Spam folder this morning:

Sexy Brides! Hot Russian and Ukrainian Brides Looking For Love
Because a husband isn’t enough: I NEED the drama of another wife in the house. Sister wife I am not, but thanks for trying. Sigh. I did wonder for a moment if I shouldn’t turn this over to some organization that handles trafficking.

Canadian Pharmacy
To go with the new sexy Ukrainian bride I can pay X dollars to ship here (again, trafficking orgs need to get on this shit), I can get discounted Viagra and Cialis. Because clearly my erectile dysfunction is stopping me from enjoying my new mail order woman.

Hey YOU!
I love these: the same “person” in the from field about once a week who insists we know each other from way back on Yahoo IM and don’t I want to look at her dirty pictures at this link? Um, no, Adriana, I do not.


You know, I started this post being amused at Spam’s consistent assumption that I want hot, lonely housewives or a safe way to cheat on my wife, or a way to find a new one (when my cheated-on wife leaves me for someone who doesn’t open spam emails) AND the drugs to get me going again.

Sigh. Now that I look over this post and realize just how much of my email is cheating/porn/otherwise objectifying women AND belittling men, it makes me sad. Can’t we be better than this?

Therefore, I’m adding these links to my blog today:

The Polaris Project A World Without Slavery
LiveYourDream.Org Women helping women achieve dreams
WebMD Marriage Advice Because there are WAY too many relationship counselors out there.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.

  1. So Adriana has contacted you too, huh? She's got quite the circle of friends, it seems. I'm disappointed though, I only got two messages from her this week.


  2. Oh come on, give one of the brides a chance. Because when she is an old grandmother, you get to call her babushka. Who doesn't like saying babushka?


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