Round 3 – Naps and Emergency Rooms and Where’s My Bubble.

I haven't been around much since the holidays. To be fair, I haven't been around much in real life, either. But since people are starting to ask, I thought I'd give an update (because honestly, I'm fucking tired and I don't respond to most calls or texts or messages with anything but "ok" right now).… Continue reading Round 3 – Naps and Emergency Rooms and Where’s My Bubble.

A Booby Prize

Wednesday was a day of doctors. I suppose I should be getting used to that, but so far I haven't. My surgical follow up was exactly as planned, except for getting a LOOK and a very snarky "and now you're sore, AREN'T YOU" comment from the surgeon for shoveling that morning. Yeah yeah. Lesson learned.… Continue reading A Booby Prize

Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

First, thank you. To everyone who has been so damn supportive and kind (and patient!) please know I appreciate it all.Second, I'm ok. My awesome surgeon (who was VERY excited and happy in the pre-op room...something that I considered weird until I realized I WANT a surgeon who's passionate about his job) got it all.… Continue reading Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

Bye Francis (This post is not safe for work or pretty much any other respectable sensibility.)

I've started and deleted this post approximately 700 bazillion times in the past few weeks, as doctors have poked and prodded (oops, sorry about that second stick, the one that went into the muscle!) and set new appointments and "just check to be sure everything is ok" tests have been scheduled and endured. Even now,… Continue reading Bye Francis (This post is not safe for work or pretty much any other respectable sensibility.)

Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller

I have some educational background in mythology, so I'll usually give anything Illiad or Odyssey themed a chance. I'm a fan of Greek myths because they're so varied: Greek deities of all levels are a tapestry of virtues and flaws that more accurately reflect the capriciousness of an immortal being's attention to humans. I also… Continue reading Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller

Thor, Chewy, Beelzebub

There are no puppies in my house anymore. Thor is now 11, which is in his early 80's in German Shepherd years. Chewy is nearly 10, which is mid-80's in Great Pyrenees years. You'd think in their dotage they'd be less prone to random acts of asshattery, right? Oh no, definitely not. And so, things… Continue reading Thor, Chewy, Beelzebub

The Return and Demise of Samael

Two years ago, the Starbucks nearest to my house hosted a demon on their drive-through shelf.As most bad pennies do, he turned up again on Wednesday last week after a snowstorm. I mean, sheesh...evil soul-swallowing snow monsters and their regeneration, right? How exhausting.The Desolate One, ThwartedSadly, Samael (The Desolate One) was no match for the… Continue reading The Return and Demise of Samael

Huffington Post: Reminding Me There’s ALWAYS Something Worse

In today's science section:Octopus Valentine's Day Sex Session Scrapped Over Cannibalism FearsSo this was my first Valentine's Day as a not-married person in a loooong time. And I'll admit, while I consider Vday to be mostly an indicator that chocolate is about to go on sale I did have a moment or five of sad.… Continue reading Huffington Post: Reminding Me There’s ALWAYS Something Worse