The Other Side of the Table

A long time ago I met my favorite author, Mercedes Lackey, and her husband and artistic collaborator Larry Dixon at a convention in Minneapolis. By the Sword has been my favorite book of all time (yes, even over LOTR) since it came out, and I stood in line until my legs and back ached in order to meet her. I’m sure by the time I reached the table she was tired of interacting with would-be writers, but I’ll never forget that not only did Mr. Dixon ask if I wrote, he chatted with me about my story for a few moments. Then he said, “Maybe next year you’ll be on this side of the table with us.” She nodded. I’m in my early forties now, and that moment in time still resonates.

My writing path is a winding one, filled with enough rejection letters to wallpaper my house, the occasional published article, and a whole career of insurance office work to pay the bills.

Writing is a lonely addiction, filled with unexpected sinkholes and a constant low-level hum of impostor syndrome. It’s also a complete wonder to let those odd characters who live in my head out on paper (physical or virtual), free to do as they will.

I’ve run a personal blog for years now as an outlet for the random acts of strange-brain that need an escape. This space is a specific and intentional step toward professional writing: I’m moving all my unofficial book reviews here, short stories or excerpts from works in progress, notices of upcoming events, and any interesting craft work I’ve found helpful along my way.

It’s time to move to the other side of the table.

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