Planning in the Dark – an update of sorts

This isn’t a funny post (although I bet I’ll have a few after I get the furballs moved, because the horde is understandably concerned about fAngus protest-pooping and Minerva eating their stuffed animals when we move). It’s more of a reminder to myself.

In my Pagan calendar, the period of time between Yule (12/21ish) and Imbolc (2/2…aka Groundhog Day) is a period of quiet, reflection, and planning. Because here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota it’s also ridiculously dark this time of year (sun rises around 8am and sets around 4:45 right now), and the temps have been below zero, it’s a good time to let go of the crap from last year and figure out new crap (ha) for the next one. New Year’s Resolutions aren’t much of a thing with me anymore, because they tend to fizzle out by February, along with motivations to lose weight or go to the gym or (as this year’s popular trends in social media seems to show) going dry for January. Instead, I usually spend the evenings where it’s too damn cold to go anywhere doing post-holiday cleaning, culling clothes or kitchen stuff or movies or whatever else I can donate and get out of the house. I have some aversion to pack-ratting, so even my library gets an annual once-over to make room for what’s coming.

This year I’m 11 days in and already overwhelmed with all the things that have to be planned, organized, and done. Because a month ago my SK asked me to marry him and join the horde permanently…so I’m moving in the next month, selling my house sometime this spring, and doing a wedding this fall (vs getting married at the courthouse or eloping, both of which were seriously considered options).

I’m usually a “one big planning item per year” person.

I also have a book proposal to finish and three WIPs to weasel into my free time (and of course, my actual job). It’s all good things, I’m excited for all of it, and still overwhelmed. So my blog has fallen behind a little and I ordered a new calendar and planner, and I’ll spend the rest of this month figuring out how to break down the big work into smaller bits.

So as a reminder, even awesome positive happy change is stressful and full of work, and I don’t have to get it all done today.

PS, as I wrote this blog post, fAngus protest-pooped in my office while LOOKING ME IN THE EYE. SK asked if they make diapers for cats. I suggested the likelihood of me surviving putting fAngus in a diaper directly resolves any stress I have for this year’s projects.

3 thoughts on “Planning in the Dark – an update of sorts

  1. As you said – even awesome positive happy changes are stressful and full of work — so don’t even try to get it all done at once. Take it in your own time and do what is best for you – not someone else. I highly endorse eloping. Have a party after and try to embrace the process even though it drives you nuts. Congrats to the entire 2 & 4 legged family!


    1. Thank you! Sadly (well, not sadly, but I suppose the reason not to elope) is the party planning is the stressful part. We’re barely doing any of the traditional “wedding ceremony” stuff, so that’s the easy part…but finding food that will accommodate everyone, now THAT’S a trick. Except the dogs…they’ll eat everything but lettuce and wasabi.


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