Shhh…don’t say spring, you’ll scare it away.

I love winter. I do. I generally don’t fuss overmuch during the snowstorms we inevitably endure in March, or the below zero temps in February. Winter when you live next to a golf course is blessedly uneventful and almost silent, but for the owls hooting from the abandoned woods between tees. However, we’re a week… Continue reading Shhh…don’t say spring, you’ll scare it away.

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Countdown: 16

Well, if I'm being completely fair, 16.5 since it's just about lunchtime. Also, weekends and holidays don't count, so 16.5 business days if we're being sticklers for accuracy. Today I told my team so it's official: March 10th will be my last day as the ScrumMaster (ScrumMistress? ScrumMa'am? ScrumPerson?) for the process automation team at… Continue reading Countdown: 16