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1, and a fAngus Review

Tomorrow is my last day in corporate work for about a year. That means it’s snowing tonight for my commute in the morning (which on the best days takes 45 minutes), because that’s how the universe works, right? Best things in life are worth the effort.

Next week is spring break: we’ll see how far I get in the Banshee project, but my plan is a minimum of 3k words per day so I can hit my goal of a first draft done before the conference on the 25th. I’m not actually sure how many hours of solid writing I can do in a day with no day job, so the next few months will be an interesting experiment.

Still editing the cancer book, but hopefully that first round of sanity edits will be done this weekend so my writing group can take a look.

I’m not in the office much anymore (where I tend to get up and move around more simply because the kitchen and bathroom aren’t 5 steps from my desk) and won’t be after tomorrow, so I bought myself an under-desk elliptical machine to try to at least get some movement while writing.

fAngus spent this morning investigating this decision. He seems to approve.

What the hell is this business?
Tastes weird. Where are my treats?
Since you won’t let me nap on your keyboard, Evil Overlord, I find the right pedal acceptable.

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