Seriously…Don’t Do This

I hadn’t gone though the spam comments on this blog in a month or so, and had some “I don’t want to work NYAH” time this afternoon. There were 175 comments in the spam folder. Of them all but 4 were the exact same phrase, in Spanish, from different bots. I don’t care muchly about those, they just get bulk deleted.

A couple were the standardly amusing “you really have excellent perspective on this topic I will follow you for more detail on your subject expertise” comments, on things like book reviews (WHY does the Sin Eater post get so many of those?) which have zero actual subject expertise and are just reactions to stories. Honestly, those are the fun ones I normally look for, because they’re bots so I don’t feel bad at ALL for making fun of them and they never make any goddamned sense.

Today, I had one that stood out. I will not repost the comment here, and I will not repost the blog it came from or the email address, because I don’t think this person deserves ANY sort of boost even on my tiny blog with my tiny following. Fuck that.

I wrote a review of The Tattooist of Auschwitz a while ago. I didn’t particularly like the book itself, but that had more to do with character development than subject matter. The comment was on that post (but in Spam, so it isn’t public). It’s five pages long. FIVE. PAGES. It is incoherently anti-Semitic nonsense that starts with Kabala and ends with mythology references and New Testament comments regarding Jesus.

Listen, if you find your way to deity through Christianity and the Bible, I support you. This is not an anti-religion thing or an anti-Christian thing. HOWEVER you find your way to deity that connects you is great for you. I just personally hold to an ethic about spirituality that dictates it’s an intensely personal thing, and while you may find like minded/like souled folk in the world, you don’t have any right to force anyone to follow exactly what you follow.

This douchecanoe spent FIVE FUCKING PAGES wandering along dribbling grossly uneducated word salad diarrhea that included ancient history references (incorrect ones), medieval references (again, incorrect ones), and anti-Semitic/anti-Muslim views he attempted to “support” with said references. It was vaguely proselytizing, excessively (and unwarranted, because it was barely decipherable as full sentences) condescending, and ultimately he did nothing but piss me off.

I haven’t deleted the spam comment, because I want to remember who it is and what blog he “writes”. I followed the link back to his blog. You guys, he wasn’t even coherent there. He literally copied and pasted his ignorant, uneducated, hateful from his own blog to my comments, on a post about AUSCHWITZ.

So, since you’ve apparently read my blog enough to post on it yourself, I will say to that particular commenter: keep your festering, ignorant, slimy, evil views on your own page. This blog is MINE, and the only evil I allow here is the sort you’d be too afraid to confront, you insignificant, cowardly, ass-pustule. Fuck off and just keep fucking off until you can go no fucking further with your hateful idiocy.

Yeah. Don’t be that guy. I need a fucking shower.

5 thoughts on “Seriously…Don’t Do This

    1. I considered it, but came to the conclusion that spreading that crap is like sneezing on someone during Covid: you never know who it’ll infect, and I refuse to be a part of keeping the specific content of the message alive in any form. That’s why I described instead of linked/posted/direct quoted it.


  1. And here he thought he found a like minded friend :). I am all for free speech as long as it does not harm others or insight a riot at the capital but sometimes I wonder about these type of people.


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