These are not the turtles you’re looking for. Move along.

Someone found my blog by searching “gerard butler and the house of unicorns” which I can only assume is some sort of pre-“hitting-it-big” porn.

Hmm. Excuse me while I surf the interwebz.

In other news, motorcycle accidents suck. Insurance companies suck. Lawsuits suck. And for some reason. lawyers seem to think they’re entitled to information that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anything. Like, what color were my socks six years prior to the accident, and do I still HAVE said socks? Why not? What effect did wearing/not wearing the socks on the night of the accident (in which I was not involved) have on said accident? And have I TALKED about the socks since then? To anyone?

Yes. It’s that stupid. I’m unimpressed and this whole thing makes my head ache (if I thank the gods for ibuprofen and caffinated soda to help deal the headache caused by idiotic requests, do I need to report THAT to the lawyers?).

Last weekend we saw The Dropkick Murphys in concert. If you don’t know who I’m talking about (WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??), here:

You’re welcome.

So, they were headlining at a casino “resort” (I use that term extremely loosely considering the attitude of the employees at the casino hotel, the general repair of said hotel, and the drastic uncomfortableness of the beds) in Northern Minnesota for an annual beer festival. Tickets were cheap so we were excited to go, and I swear other than the concert itself I was SO FUCKING ENTERTAINED by the crowd mix. You had your stereotypical casino-goers, your redneck parents who bring their 10-year-olds to the casino (for a beer fest…and punk concert), your hipsters (complete with ridiculous beards, flannel shirts, skinny jeans and attitude), college kids just there to swig as much beer as possible from shot glass sized cups, and your Murphys fans (tattoos, the occasional crazy hair color, kilts, piercings…and us).  

Oh. And the khaki-and-fanny pack-wearing crowd who were CLEARLY there for the prior year’s headlining musical act: Trampled by Turtles. Yes. That’s what I said. No, I’m not linking a video for you. You’re on your own there, people.  

Since Husband still has a cane after his accident, we snagged a chair and hung out at the back of the ballroom (the rest of the crowd did not have chairs, although I’m fairly certain the hipsters didn’t participate in the usual mosh pit so it’s likely there wasn’t much of one). The opening band was hard punk: the Trampled by Turtles fans next to us (also hiding at the back of the rowdy crowd) were horrified and confused, but they stuck it out, waiting for what they seemed to think was an Irish folk band.   They stood with arms crossed and cranky faces for three whole songs before the lot of them left, disgruntled.

Seriously, ALMOST as amusing as the amateur drinkers throwing up in trash cans and drunk dancers accidentally kicking people around them. I fucking LOVE the Murphys.

OH…and congratulations to Rowdy Ronda Rousey for KICKING ASS in her big UFC fight Saturday night. Which, of course, was on PPV the same time as the concert, so I couldn’t see both. Dammitall. Now…to get her and Gina Carano in the octagon together.

No this had nothing to do with the rest of today’s post, but NOTHING in today’s post made any cohesive sense anyway, so I’m not sorry.

9 thoughts on “These are not the turtles you’re looking for. Move along.

  1. I live in Chicago. There are lots of hipsters here. I especially love it when they walk into the dive bar where I occasionally work–because, you know, it has wood paneling, so it must be cool. And then they're horrified when they find out the bar has neither fancy microbeers OR PBR.


  2. I know isn't it cute? It's actually a widgit Blogger offers (I'm not tech-savvy enough to try to add in my own code…all my widgets are Blogger-provided). 🙂


  3. Trampled by Turtles? Oh sweet Jesus that sounds awesome. I haven't listened to the Murphy's since early college days, but the music does take me back. And, since St. Patrick's Day is coming soon, I anticipate hearing them again.Glad to hear your hubby is doing better. Good luck with the lawsuit… lawyers will run you dry emotionally, time-wise test your patience, but I hope it's worth it in the end. In the meantime, keep up with your amusing posts– I always laugh out loud at least once. 🙂


  4. Sigh. Ours seem to be pretty good so far, but it seems easy to forget we've never done any of this before and so we don't know the process. The insurance company we're dealing with is far worse. And I work in the industry. Snort.


  5. Aww…thanks!! It utterly makes my day to know I've made someone (other than me) laugh. I mean, nobody wants to laugh at their own silliness ALONE, right? Ha!!


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