Michael’s Wings, by Tiffany Reisz (Book Review, Spoiler-Free, Appropriately NSFW)

One of the tags I use a lot in this blog is "these aren't the penises you're looking for," but I happily can't use that label for this review.These are DECIDEDLY the penises you're looking for.Oh, were you looking for a safe-for-work book review? Let's start here: Michael's Wings successfully proves that a series of… Continue reading Michael’s Wings, by Tiffany Reisz (Book Review, Spoiler-Free, Appropriately NSFW)

Oh Skymall…you dirty dirty bird…

I went home (to the tundra) last weekend. It was an adventure. First, I was hit on by the dude next to me, Chad from downtown Minneapolis, on the plane. Chad insisted I'm 10 years younger than I am. Score.For me. He did not score. Bummer for you, Chad, but you were quite charming and I… Continue reading Oh Skymall…you dirty dirty bird…

I have no good title for this…It’s an anniversary of sorts.

It's been two years this weekend since Husband and a friend were on his motorcycle when they were schmucked by a drunk asshole. I say schmucked because said drunk asshole was going about 45mph and didn't slow down. At all. He pinned Husband's leg between the truck and the bike, breaking his pelvis in two… Continue reading I have no good title for this…It’s an anniversary of sorts.

Mythic Monday: Selkie

"A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?" -Ever After, A Cinderella Story In the seas surrounding the Scotland and Ireland, pretty faced seals with large, almost human eyes peek out from the water, curiously watching fishermen work. They'd follow the boats, sometimes even leading fishermen to the best places for a good… Continue reading Mythic Monday: Selkie

Home Again. Jiggy.

Husband was released from prison the hospital yesterday: 2 months to the date since the drunk asshole in a borrowed SUV with SHITTY INSURANCE plowed into the motorcycle...yeah, I'm not bitter at all. But he's home, he's allowed to start working with crutches, and he managed it nearly three weeks earlier than we'd originally thought.… Continue reading Home Again. Jiggy.

I’m not a sex therapist, but I play one occasionally (Not on TV)

This post is likely ok for work, but not safe for prudes or children. If you're either, go away.I'm an introvert.If you're a Meyers Briggs aficionado, I'm usually an INFP...meaning I'm an introverted intuitive feeling perceptor (I don't remember what the N means, and I'm too lazy to look it up). What the fuck does that… Continue reading I’m not a sex therapist, but I play one occasionally (Not on TV)