Yes, I’m Tired of Cancer Updates Too.

Not my last port stick, but last time I'm hooked up to an IV tower. Yes, we all wear masks the whole time, now. Check out my total lack of eyelashes! Disclaimer: I didn't sleep until 5am today (3 whopping hours WOO) because I'm out of sleep aids for the steroid chemo day insomnia. This… Continue reading Yes, I’m Tired of Cancer Updates Too.

We’d Gladly Eat YOU, You Know…

The boys are convinced they're starving  and totally unimpressed that I left them outside until AFTER their water and food bowls were filled.I tried to get the licking-of-the-chops picture, but they were uncooperative. Hey, is that water? I'm hungry. Can we come in now? Fuck you. We're not doing the super creepy staring-while-licking-our-chops thing. NONCHALANT!They're… Continue reading We’d Gladly Eat YOU, You Know…

And So, I Embrace Google’s Opinion Me

Remember how everyone tells me their sex and relationship issues? Did you know my husband is moving to Texas for 11 months next year for school (I am not, for financial and practical reasons...meaning, I'd like to keep my job until I get to the point they'll let me work from home full time, I… Continue reading And So, I Embrace Google’s Opinion Me

My uterus is expired, because I say so.

This is not one of those "I must justify why I'm not having kids" posts. Mostly, because I don't generally justify my choices to anyone but Husband (because he has to gets to live with me). My impending nephew's estimated arrival is next month already. I make it sound like he's being delivered by a DHL truck or… Continue reading My uterus is expired, because I say so.

Chewy: Exhausted Hoarder

Chewy waited until Thor wasn't looking, stole the much-abused tennis ball, and climbed to his normal spot on the couch. Where he promptly fell asleep, apparently exhausted from his efforts to again thieve toys from his brother. Later he snored loud enough to wake himself up. Startled, he dropped the ball, barked incessantly, and searched… Continue reading Chewy: Exhausted Hoarder

The Apocalypse is in Elementary Schools

Let me preface this post with two details: 1) I went to elementary school long before the Columbine shootings allowed schools to capitalize on fear and 2) I don't have children of my own. I, however, don't believe that common sense about children requires having them. I've posted on this before regarding the KINDERGARTNER who… Continue reading The Apocalypse is in Elementary Schools