We acquired a roommate. Houseguest. Not really sure what to call him. But lately my nerves are fraying more than a little.

He stopped to stay with us for a couple of days before thanskgiving on his way from MN to Florida on his motorcycle. Let’s not even get into the stupidity of thinking you have time to get from MN to Missouri in late NOvember without getting caught by at least one snowstorm. So when he DID get snowed (and frozen) in it started out as no big deal.

Except now it’s been two months, and our relatively large house (for two) feels significantly smaller. He’s ALWAYS here, because he has no money and so far hasn’t bothered to get a job of any kind. He eats as much as my hubby (large LARGE appetite) and doesn’t (again, no money) pitch in for groceries. He does take out the garbage regularly and do the dishes more often then either of us, and he does take care of the dog. However, when did our paychecks become his meal ticket? We don’t charge him rent because he doesn’t have his own room (he’s in one of the offices) and sleeps on a couch. However certain other bills have gone up just by virtue of having an extra person in the house, AND becuase that person is home all the time. ELectric, for instance, and the said grocery bill. It’s getting very irritating. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell if I’m irked because it’s January and I’m generally really restless this time of year (I’ve been looking for a trip to take for three weeks now, but we can’t afford to go anywhere this soon after Christmas anyway) and frustrated in general, or if it’s him. I suspect it’s a combo of both, and that my hubby is also restless and cranky this time of year. So we’re all on edge and bickering and I swear if this guy had a car instead of a bike I think I’d send him somewhere else.


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