Snow Day!

Working from home is probably the best bennie to high-speed internet access and a job that is 95% Excel based. It’s snowing like hell today in Minnesota: I’d say this is the biggest storm we’ve had all winter (as per usual, most of our year’s snow comes in March, when it’s SUPPOSED to be spring). And I’m not stuck driving in it: yay! I wish I could say the same for my sister, who hopefully is at work now…

Much news to report, I guess. In order of the best: The loafer (not possible to call the boy a roommate since he never acted like one: moocher yes, loafer, yes, bad example of the lack-of-motivation Pot can give a person: yes. Roommate? Nope. Anyway, he’s gone. If I’d been a little less empathetic he would’ve been gone the day he flipped out swearing at me over the dog, but I was too pissed to even speak, and by the time I could again my “look at it from his point of view” thing had kicked in. Damn inconvenient sometimes, empathy. So I let him stay. About two weeks later he did the same thing to Dave. At work, over something stupid. Dave told him to get the hell out. Yay!

The wind is howling outside and snow is driving at the windows sideways. It’s enough to make a girl wonder if winter is throwing out the last gasp today or truly unwilling to give up for spring.

And in complete random acts of writing: last night I gave my first belly dance performance at the Ammala School of Dance Hafla. I was a nervous wreck, and I loved every second of it. I’m completely hooked: I’m a level 2 dancer now and hope to practice enough to eventually move into level 3 and up. My teacher is an absolute inspiration (regardless of the fact I find her hot as hell) and now I’m starting to babble about it…suffice it to say, I guess, that I never thought I’d like performing in front of people, but that was just great fun all around.

Ok. I suppose if I’m going to work from home I should at LEAST get the main project done for the day. After that I’m home free! Ha, so to speak…

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