Vacation Recap

We ran our asses off last week. Of the 10 days we spent in Florida, two were lazy beach time: the rest were either a frenzy of travel or a frenzy of sightseeing. The highlights? Swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove and watching a Delta IV rocket launch from the beach outside our condo. Talk about convenient!

I don’t think D was all that impressed by Sea World, but it’s hard to be impressed by anything other than Shamu when you spent time earlier in the week in the water with dolphins in a private park. Universal Studios, however, was a big hit. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll be going back there soon, since we only had a half day in Islands of Adventure and he clearly didn’t have enough time perusing Marvelworld.

Kennedy Space Center is, literally, AWEsome: inspiring awe. To get a sense of how small we are in the world I highly recommend visiting the Apollo/Saturn V building. At six feet tall I felt quite tiny next to the massive rocket.

The high point for me? That 1/2 hour I was next to a huge dolphin called Thelma, who graciously allowed me not only to touch her but gave me a (way too short!) ride. *sigh* There are times I think I missed my calling to be a marine biologist with dolphins and whales. Then I remember how my last whalewatching jaunt was more of a horrible view over the back of the boat of the OJ I’d drank that morning instead of any whales.

The first few years at Benfield I spent my vacation time in little day and 1/2 day dribbles all year long. I’ve come to the realization over the past year that I NEED a full week off at least twice per year just to stay sane. Re-evaluation of my life shouldn’t just happen on birthdays once a year. Only getting away from daily bullshit gives me a chance to really figure out what the hell I’m doing and what I really want.

Ok, so I don’t quite know exactly what I want yet. But at least I’m thinking about it instead of which bills are getting paid when…that’s gotta be an improvement, right?

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