Fancy Pants!

So it was my Mom’s 50th birthday yesterday, and to celebrate my Dad had a dinner for her at their favorite resturaunt, The Boathouse. http://www.boathouserestaurant.org/index.html

My parental units are adventurous eaters. I’m an avid Food Network fan, but I know in my heart i’m not really capable of being an Iron Chef judge, because some of the concoctions make me a little, well, nauseated. The first course was a French sorrel soup with scallop mousse and truffle oil: the flavors were lemony and earthy with a mix of sweet sea and cinnamon. They were extremely tasty and weird at the same time, but the texture of a scallop mousse was just downright odd.

The second course was absolutely gross, but I suppose that could be due to my aversion to brussel sprouts and anything sweet and protein miexd…it was a mushroom and egg concoction that looked sort of like a custard, sitting on top of mushrooms and baby brussel sprouts. They in turn sat on top of pears poached in a sweet sauce of cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe some allspice. I couldn’t do it. Ish.

The third was unbelievable: spiced duck breast that was so perfect it melted in the mouth. Wow. Really, wow…food critic I am not becuase it was so overwhelmingly good “wow” is all that needs to be said.

The dessert was an apple walnut cake that was quite tasty and fall-inspired but not as mouth watering as the main course. I love that resturaunt: you can taste truly gourmet food, good wine, and discover your palate may not be as fancy pants as you’d hoped. I so need to take Dave there next time.

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