News of the Duh

So there’s a couple of potentially sensitive subjects that are irritating the crap out of me.

A college student in my state drank herself to death by accident on her 21st birthday this week. Tragic? Absolutely. Stupid? Yup…sorry bleeding hearts, but if she drank herself into alchohol poisioning when she was a NURSING STUDENT, it was stupid! College students regularly drink themselves into a stupor, into the hospital, even into their deaths: my issue here is that she not only made the front page of the major metro paper, her story was bigger than MAJOR world news, even major local news.

Did she make it to the front page because she was a young, pretty girl? Are there continuing updated stories about the police investigation becuase the double murder that happened last night isn’t as interesting? Because the war in Iraq or the impending actions that could easily lead to a war in Iran aren’t as important as a college girl who, in an act of irresponsible stupidity, killed herself? And why does a legal adult’s actions leave her NOT responsible for her own death? Why does the legislature for our state think it’s right to make laws forcing 21 year olds to wait until 8am on the day of their birthday to drink, when an 18 year old can be recruited to kill people and potentially die in the war? Maybe I’m harsh. Maybe anti-hazing and anti-drinking rules are the way to “protect” ADULTS from themselves. Yeah…they’re called “kids” when they do something stupid that effects the rest of their lives, but they’re adults for everything else. Ah, double standards.

The other major issue? My city has a referendum up this November to increase property taxes (in a housing market that’s TANKING) to pay for the school system. A school system we have no intention of ever joining since we’re not having children. AND our city recently built a whole new downtown area with cute, convenient shops. Oh, AND they just broke ground on a fancy-pants new Arts center. But there’s no money for the schools, and I should have to pay an extra $100 every six months to fund other people’s kids’ education. Am I the only person who sees an issue with is, when the assessment of property taxes is supposed to be based on market value and the market values all over the country are swirling around the bowl?

One thought on “News of the Duh

  1. Yipee Skipee! You\’re finally posting again!!!Yes it is tragic that the stupid people have to screw it up for the rest of us. Like where we live, because one particular idiot can\’t control their dog, the rest of us have to go back to restrictive leashes again. BAH! And on the school tax thing. Even though we aren\’t land owners, yeah I completely agree there! Its as if there are NO priorities anymore. And I\’m glad things are going so well for the two of you! 🙂


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