Ahh, sweet Karma

Two weeks ago Renaissance Festival started, and both hubby and I were reminded exactly why we love it out there so much: saw all the old friends we hadn’t seen for a year, relaxed instead of the usual 14 hour days, and had a MAJOR karmic bonus on top of it all.

One of the two major drama-causers in our life (there are 3 total, but one left the state some years ago), in fact, THE major drama-causer for me out at Fest, was REMOVED FROM SITE. WOOHOO!!! that bitch is too broke to come out without a job, and after being fired from the JC’s she has very little chance of finding something that will pay, becuase she’ll be considered untrustworthy by the crafters. Here’s the best part: I did absolutely nothing except ignore her for the past 5 years. I never responded to her persistent rumor-spreading, never bothered to confront her face to face, because I knew that she’d screw it up for herself before long. And she did: people who meet her generally like her until they get to know her better, then she’s dropped like a rotten diaper. Why? Because she’s a drama-queen who seems to need to be the center of attention, even if that means hurting the people around her, and eventually her behavior catches up.

I’m not a good enough person to just say “huh” and move on without giving this downfall some due, because while I pity her for her mentalness, I’m not above feeling vindicated in some small way. And now that she’s out of the Festival, at least for now, maybe I can enjoy it without hearing her call out rumor comments every time I walk by. Her blog, by the way, is hilarious, because she’s a raving liar and tries desperately to convince everyone else that she’s honest. Ugh. And then she wonders why boyfriends drop her as soon as they spend any time together and friends back off after a short time. So yeah, I pity her, but I’m still really happy she won’t be out there to harrass me and Hubby this season.


2 thoughts on “Ahh, sweet Karma

  1. Hey it was GREAT to see you guys again–we have to get together more often outside of Fest. I hear ya on the drama-didn\’t realize she was a source of trouble for you (if it\’s who I think it is)–Guess I misjudged her for sure.Well take care and we\’ll be seeing ya.


  2. Ah yes, she is. 🙂 Now if only the other major source of drama remaining in MN (who also works for the JC\’s…they attract the unstable, I think) would also get herself kicked out…See you soon!!


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