Christmas Extravaganza

It’s that time of year when the dark creeps in early and hangs out long into the morning, and the grey days of snowstorms and cold are especially oppressive. Winter solstice has come and gone this week, and on its heels one of the worst December snowstorms in quite some time over Christmas. It’s been harder than usual to fight off fatigue and seasonal depression when it’s been alternately WAY too cold for this time of year or way too grey. Preparations for the holiday season included a lot of crankiness and stress, some overtime, some fights, and a few tears.

But now it’s Christmas Day evening: the first three of four family get-togethers are now over. The anticipation of fancy dinners, a frenzy of shopping, wrapping, giving and receiving presents, and the time spent with immediate and extended family is over, and I’m content. Exhausted, but content. I’m not a religious person at all: I am, however, very spiritual and I do believe this time of year is special for multiple reasons. If for absolutely nothing else, I believe this is the time to be thankful for family and friends, health and prospertity at any level, and love in any form.

My husband is lying on the couch playing his new (rather bloody) video game. Chewy is spread out on the living room floor, happily munching a large bone. Thor is napping somewhere. My family: spoiled and happy for this moment in time. I love it.

God Yul, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas!

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