One moment changes everything

I’ll likely be sporadic about blogging the next few weeks. Last week my husband was hit by a truck while on his motorcycle.

We are remarkably lucky that he’s alive with an intact head, back and spine, but it’s going to a long road to recovery. And by “long” I mean a fabulous Christmas present will be him walking around out of bed. Today (whatever day of the week that is…I honestly don’t know) I’m just waiting for him to get good enough to move from the ICU to a regular room.

Hug your loved ones. Seriously. You don’t want to celebrate the things like “woohoo his eyes opened” or “he’s off the ventilator”…believe me. Although I’ve been enthusiastically celebrating each step forward since I saw my broken husband in the ER. That’s an image I never want to relive. Luckily, all the kings men can put him together again.

And for fuck’s sake, use a sober cab instead of taking out motorcyclists.

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