Random Weird and Adolescent Humor

I have no point in this post, other than to share a thing or five I noticed today that weirded me out.

First, let’s talk about sperm whales. Because the tale of the Essex is now in theaters and of course the whale is the villain. My thoughts about the story of the Essex aren’t about whale rights or whaling or Moby Dick…

No, I was struck by the utter ridiculousness of the name.

What the fuck. I mean, really, what the actual fuck?

What dumbass decided a sea creature bigger than the average ship looked/sounded (let’s not go into the other senses, shall we?) like SPERM* of all things? I have absolutely no decent reason for why this plagued my brainpan today, but it did, and I had to find out. Thankfully, Google is there to help with burning questions about male ejaculate, even as pertains to whale names.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: when Googling, be certain you include “whale” in the description. Even so, it’s better not to Google at work. Learn from my mistakes, and let’s all hope I’m not fired, ok?

*As it turns out, whalers really did think the whale’s forehead was full of sperm. In reality, it’s filled with some weird waxy substance that probably looks ridiculously gross.

Moving on.

Groupon…which is not quite as random a transition as it seems. I get email ads from them regularly, so while I was re-Googling sperm whales on my phone (and thus avoiding the potential firing offense of search results for “sperm” anything) I got mail. It makes sense to me.

But really, there are things I find baffling to sell at their discounts. Such as:

Driving a tank – advertised at 50% off, which I assume means 50% off the price, not that you get to drive 50% of the tank. Driving 50% of a tank seems…unbalanced, somehow, doesn’t it?

Boudoir Photography – OBVIOUSLY discounted because there’s no amount of airbrushing or photo-shopping that would make me look anywhere close to the mannequin Barbie doll Victoria’s secret model in the ad pics. And truly, getting into some of those positions seems dangerous as hell…how would I go back to work if my leg gets stuck…never mind.

Acupuncture – Because, for anything remotely medical OF COURSE I feel comfortable with the bottom of the barrel pricing.

Botox – WHAT THE HELL?? If you’re going to inject botulism into your FACE, do you really want the bargain basement place to do it?

Breast Implants* – See Botulism botox injections…bargain basement boobies. REALLY??

*I am not kidding. I have indeed seen implants and other plastic surgery listed on Groupon.

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