Yes, I’m Tired of Cancer Updates Too.

Not my last port stick, but last time I'm hooked up to an IV tower. Yes, we all wear masks the whole time, now. Check out my total lack of eyelashes! Disclaimer: I didn't sleep until 5am today (3 whopping hours WOO) because I'm out of sleep aids for the steroid chemo day insomnia. This… Continue reading Yes, I’m Tired of Cancer Updates Too.

Raising The Freak Flag

When I started this blog and called it "Escape on a Page" I intended to keep my writing life separate from my weird random blogging life. Yep, I recognize that was pretty stupid for me. Hey, if you can do it I'm envious of your organization and compartmentalization skills. I suck at compartmentalizing, and honestly… Continue reading Raising The Freak Flag

The End of the Red Devil and Other Random Events

A couple of weeks ago I had the last infusion of AC and last week I started my 12 weeks of Taxol. Doxorubicin (the A of the AC...don't ask me why, medical jargon makes zero sense to me most of the time) is the one often called the Red Devil, because it has dangerous side… Continue reading The End of the Red Devil and Other Random Events

A Booby Prize

Wednesday was a day of doctors. I suppose I should be getting used to that, but so far I haven't. My surgical follow up was exactly as planned, except for getting a LOOK and a very snarky "and now you're sore, AREN'T YOU" comment from the surgeon for shoveling that morning. Yeah yeah. Lesson learned.… Continue reading A Booby Prize

Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

First, thank you. To everyone who has been so damn supportive and kind (and patient!) please know I appreciate it all.Second, I'm ok. My awesome surgeon (who was VERY excited and happy in the pre-op room...something that I considered weird until I realized I WANT a surgeon who's passionate about his job) got it all.… Continue reading Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

So, it's easier to just put this into a blog post than repeat things over and over for peeps who don't know yet. I haven't been around much the past few weeks for writing or anything else (other than horror movies and related distractions) because I'm in the middle of a thing.It turns out, finding… Continue reading An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest