Famine to Feast: Fall Deadlines

I spent most of the last five months purging, cleaning, painting, packing, selling, buying, cleaning, unpacking, and purging. See what’s not on that list? Yeah…even my journal hasn’t gotten any writing lately. Moving is more time consuming now than it was in college: the books alone take a while to get settled.

My new office still isn’t fully unpacked. I lost two big bookshelves in the move, so there are 6-8 boxes of books waiting impatiently to be freed. I moved to a bigger house, which is both awesome and daunting: there are chores now that I never had to do in a townhome. Someday I’m sure I’ll figure out why I decided on a place with three huge and ABUNDANTLY LEAFY trees in the backyard. Today, when my lawn mower is crying and protesting, is not that day.

None of this is a decent excuse for my lack of writing over the summer, but it’s the reason I haven’t touched a blog in months. But the universe works in pushy ways, and if all else fails there’s always book reviews to get me back to the keyboard. I have a stack of six waiting for review at the moment, and two are on a deadline. One is an advanced review copy by one of my favorite authors…so gird your loins, peeps.

This is not the same as girding your lions, which could be a fun/deadly activity for me to try with Angus.

Reviews are coming.

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