Myths and Monsters

So…that’s NOT what I envisioned

Yesterday I mentioned my spellchecker on WordPress keeps trying to change “velociraptor” to “velocipede” and it horrified me. Because centipedes are a nightmare for me, and I have a GOOD imagination. In order to either put a real face to the multi-legged, fast moving, venomous creature I had in my head, I looked up “velocipede”.


I am dumb.

Velocipede. This link is safe for your eyeballs, I promise.

You’re welcome.

For the record, THIS closer to what I had in mind, obviously with the giant velociraptor claws on each leg (since I’m not a graphic artist and can’t draw to save my life, you’ll just have to imagine). No, I’m not posting a picture, because I’m a bitch but I’m not always mean. Feel free to ignore the temptation of the link.

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