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Beware fAnguses Bearing Gifts

I had a quiz today. In ancient Greek. Here's how quizzes work while taking a virtual dead language class. They're all open book. I can use whatever materials I've created and the book. The quiz is 10 questions: 5 translation, 5 parsing (if you're unfamiliar, parsing is identifying all the characteristics of a noun or… Continue reading Beware fAnguses Bearing Gifts

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My Name is Minerva. This House is Mine.

A couple of days ago, I was hanging out with my brothers and sisters and some other dogs, when my super favorite human, Angie, introduced me to an obnoxiously HUGE dog and some weird tall lady. I was pretty nervous: I've only been alive for 11 weeks, and that dog was big and scary looking,… Continue reading My Name is Minerva. This House is Mine.