Review: The Mistress Files by Tiffany Reisz

This is the first in a series of upcoming Tiffany Reisz reviews: she has recently released a couple of novellas and re-released some of the Original Sinners supplemental stories in new formats. The Mistress Files is one of these: a novella of short stories that gives us more background into Mistress Nora (aka Nora Sutherlin, the outrageous and audacious main character in The Original Sinners series, previously reviewed here).

Cleverly set up as a summary report for King, owner of the club out of which Nora works, The Mistress Files is hilariously narrated by the smartass Nora herself. While the project is supposed to be a training manual for new doms in the club, Nora gets a bit distracted while writing about her favorite clients. The “training examples” end up being scenes of Nora’s dominatrix relationships with her subs. Each chapter is Nora going over her client files, one by one, focusing on a particular key scene for that character, providing backstory for a peripheral character who’s shown up at some point in the Original Sinners books, so it’s a lovely (and steamy) illustration of the OS world.

As always, Reisz’s writing is funny and filthy. You’d think a series of short BDSM erotica stories would be…well, not light, but perhaps less deep than her other works. Wrong: The Mistress Files covers a wide swath of psychological and personal issues for Nora, her clients, and King, all while hitting Reisz’s signature style of erotic that pushes the boundaries of the reader’s comfort.

The Mistress Files is a fast read. It does stand on its own as an anthology of erotic short stories, but the context is so much better if you read the OS series as well (first or later: no need to read them before this). Of course, considering the subject matter and Reisz’s skill in writing sex scenes, this is a NSFW book (or kids). Therefore, have fun reading it!

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