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Seasons Greetings from The In-Between

Sauna steam: outside air is below zero Fahrenheit and inside is about 140. 100% the best present SK and I got ourselves this year (besides wedding rings, of course).

Not to be confused with The Upside Down: there are no Gormegons here, but there is a horde of D&D players in this household, so it could become the upside down anytime.

This week is always just ridiculous: I’m motivated but have no direction. Is it breakfast time, or leftover pie time? Do I care if the kids eat cookies for every meal? (No, no I do not…we have too many, finish them! Cookies, I mean, not kids.)

Is today a work day or a pajamas-on-the-couch-nap day? (Both, as it turns out.)

My holiday season this year was extra stressful because it was my first as a bonus mom, and therefore fraught with extra pressure I expertly pile onto myself for no good reason. So when the opening is over and the bellies are full and the particular silence of people off in their own spaces gloating over their new treasures has descended over the house, it’s a whole new feeling of relief and satisfaction.

The stress was enough between the wedding and Yule this year that I wasn’t feeling very Christmasy, or Yule-y. So Monica and I hit up the MN Landscape Arboretum’s winter lights walk on one very cold night before Yule. Wear some good snow gear and get yourself out there if you’re ever in Minnesota in the winter, because it’s gorgeous. And cold. And it worked, because I’m a big sap when it comes to winter lights at home or anywhere else.

So today I’m sitting here after my one work meeting for the day (which no one showed up to because everyone else is off this week but I’m working today and tomorrow), writing a quick post while deciding between the new Knives Out movie or the new Witcher on Netflix while I organize my office before the new year starts.

I have some big plans for 2023 that I can’t really talk about yet, and while I may not be able to wrangle all my ducks I can at least set up the lines for the rows in advance, which seems like appropriate work to squeeze in between cookies and movies today.

fAngus, on the other hand, is, per usual, perfecting his nap skills.

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